Altec Engineering are recognised as one of the UK's leading providers of Automated Solutions. Each system is designed around the unique aspects of individual customer's requirements and can often incorporate a range of different technologies including:

Welding & Joining Technologies - Laser welding (and etching), Infra-Red, MIG, Spot Welding, Adhesives, Screw Driving, Ultrasonics and Swaging, are just some of the joining applications that we have experience in.

Robot SystemsAltec integrates robotic solutions, utilising SCARA, 6-Axis and Cobot solutions from all leading manufacturers.

Vision Systems - Vision systems offer a reliable and cost effective method of checking parts for presence, verifying correct part type, position, orientation and also generating offset data to allow dynamic placement of parts by a robot. Vision systems also acquire data that can be used for traceability purposes. Altec has experience in the integration of a number of different machine vision systems from the industry’s leading suppliers.

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