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Altec has a first class reputation for Toolmaking spanning five decades and have developed ongoing and long term relationships with our customers, who value our service and expertise in Toolmaking.


We have taken pride in our Toolmaking from the outset, and are pleased to still offer this service to compliment the Automation solutions we deliver. Altec manufactured Toolmaking services can be found in a variety of industries and applications throughout the UK and Ireland. Our products and services include:

  • Jigs and Fixtures

  • Off-Press and Final Acceptance Gauges

  • R & D Concept Tooling

  • Low Volume Machining

  • Manufacture to Print

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Press Tools and Press Tool Repair

  • EDM, Spark & Wire Erosion

  • Surface & Cylindrical Grinding

  • 3D Machining

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